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Have you ever noticed how a trip can be more pleasant if you have a local connection or a port of call?

Have you ever wanted to purchase equipment but find it difficult to figure out where to find a local marine service?

The fact is that boating involves a lot more detail than any other community simply because we are selective and we know what we like. Traveling around the United States ,  simply fishing Or Crusing in a new charted area can require an abundance of different information. That's why we decided to create a website that would share information to the boating community for free. The  Web Site is to Help  find Marine business, The "Marina Board"  Boats and Shore has to be run by and for those who love boats.

Categories include upcoming events and marine services to forums and charters. Boats and shore was meant to draw in the regatta lover as well as the gentle fisherman that simply seeks the adventure to find that perfect catch. This site is meant for those who want to learn about the beauty and the nature of that untouchable world that can be discovered when we leave land.

 The staff have been avid Boaters , in the boat business and marina owner in North Florida for over thirty years. We know there is an abundance of information regarding waterfront real estate to fishing equipment.  We understand how frustrating it can be to not have friends that can help you out whenever you are traveling around to the Bahamas or simply dropping anchor near the Keys. After creating a pretty strong community of friends in Our area, We thought I would extend this out and create a site that welcomes everyone to contribute for free. As with any growing forum,  if you don't see the category you are searching for, please let Us  know and We will See if We can  help you out too.

As always, the best form of information is the one that is shared so if you have an ad that you think fits into either a boat or shore category, please come join our forum and place your free ad.


Boats and launches New Website Offering a Virtual Boat Show and Marketplace.

Cruising/Visitors will find boats and boating resources from A-Z at

St. Augustine, Florida - The online boating world just got easier to navigate., a virtual boat show and marketplace has just launched your one stop boating advertising source. No matter what your interest, from yacht sales to mooring, rigging to fishing and diving, electronics, kayaking or finding a mate on the open seas, is the place to buy, sell and trade. Brokers and individuals can list one item or hundreds. The best part is, it's free. No membership fees and no fees for listing. You'll also find deals, discounts and coupons in your favorite ports of call. Listings for crew, jobs, events, waterfront real estate sales and rentals, and every boating and land service you want or need. Go to and start buying and selling today.

Join the community of boaters and share your news and photos, search other marine publications, share fish stories or find fishing equipment and electronics. Some of the best information we get is from talking on the dock or after the sun goes down at a local restaurant. We want to hear from you. Ready to buy, sell or trade? Have some interesting info, photos or news? Love cruising or just cruising the aisles of boat shows? Do it from the comfort of your own home or cockpit. Welcome aboard